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Jun 25Star Amazon Wedding
Jun 26Several Husbands
Jul 1Disney Wedding?
Jul 3Maid of Honour!
Jul 8Does It Have To Be White?
Jul 10Male Dancers
Jul 15I Now Pronounce You…
Jul 17Ottawa?
Jul 22Get Alice!
Jul 24Skull Bongos
Jul 29It’s Your Kids, Alice!
Jul 31Sit Right Back
Aug 5Thingamajig Refound
Aug 7Time Travel Headaches
Aug 12Half the Fun
Aug 14They Do Look Familiar
Aug 19Hiding Joanne
Aug 21Crazy Idea
Aug 26The Plan
Aug 28Kill! Kill! Kill! Sale!
Sep 4Crazy or Not
Sep 9Intimidation
Sep 11Remembering
Sep 23Filling Out
Sep 25Paradoxical Paradoxes
Sep 30Paradox Accomplished!
Oct 2Momentary Good Sense