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Jun 25Welcome!
Jun 26Important Questions
Jun 28Flights Of Fancy
Jun 29Such A Downer
Jun 30Star Trek Voyager 1
Jul 1Star Trek Voyager 2
Jul 2Star Trek Voyager 3
Jul 3Star Trek Voyager 4
Jul 5Start Trek Voyager 5
Jul 6Me. Tarzan. You. Dot.
Jul 7Hey, Hey, Hey!
Jul 8Revenge
Jul 9Alice, Warrior Princess
Jul 10Crazy AND Stupid
Jul 12Salman Rushdie
Jul 13Wire My Mouth Shut
Jul 14Hog-Tied
Jul 15Art Gallery First Visit 1
Jul 16Art Gallery First Visit 2
Jul 17Art Gallery First Visit 3
Jul 19Art Gallery First Visit 4
Jul 20Art Gallery First Visit 5
Jul 21Art Gallery First Visit 6
Jul 22Trash
Jul 23Robert?
Jul 24Slap!
Jul 26Gargoyle
Jul 27Up On The Roof
Jul 28Contemplating The Gutters
Jul 29Wonders Of The Universe
Jul 30Allowance Day
Jul 31Heat Exhaustion
Aug 2Going Swimming
Aug 3Ol’ Mill Pond
Aug 4Ol’ Mill Pond 2
Aug 5Spoosh!
Aug 6Alice Cousteau
Aug 7Leech!
Aug 9Death Swamp
Aug 10Hot Enough For You
Aug 11World One Flying Aces
Aug 12Trip To The Moon 1
Aug 13Trip To The Moon 2
Aug 14Trip To The Moon 3
Aug 16Trip To The Moon 4
Aug 17Trip To The Moon 5
Aug 18Back To School Shopping
Aug 19Stealing
Aug 20Feeling Small
Aug 21Stop! Thief!
Aug 23Guilty Mind. Noisy Mind.
Aug 24Proud Or Disappointed
Aug 25Oops!
Aug 26No Back Talk
Aug 27Strep Throat
Aug 28Consumption
Aug 30Big Butt
Aug 31Uh!
Sep 1It’s Mom
Sep 2Long Distance
Sep 3Bad News
Sep 7Kryptonite!
Sep 8Irony’s A Hoot
Sep 9Old Age Pension
Sep 10The Game’s Afoot
Sep 11Hound Of The Baskervilles
Sep 22Justice Will Be Served
Sep 23Next Time We’ll Be Invulnerable
Sep 24Oogie, Boogie, Boogie
Sep 25L’il Miss Perfect
Sep 27Super Bimbo
Sep 28Abandoned
Oct 6Take Your Medicine
Oct 25Here We Go!
Oct 26Charming
Oct 27Old Socks And Mothballs
Oct 29Run, Alice, Run!
Nov 1Don’t Ask, Dot. Don’t Ask.
Nov 4Catching Leaves On My Tongue
Nov 10Forgotten Something 1
Nov 15Alicepatra
Nov 16Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 1
Nov 17Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 2
Nov 18Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 3
Nov 19Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 4
Nov 23Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 5
Nov 24Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 6
Nov 25Thanksgiving
Nov 26Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 7
Nov 29Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 8
Dec 3Babysitting The Sweeney Triplets 9
Dec 6Religion Or Politics
Dec 15Time Is Relative
Dec 16Wet Christmas
Dec 17Saving Santa 1
Dec 20Saving Santa 2
Dec 21Saving Santa 3
Dec 22Saving Santa 4
Dec 23Saving Santa 5
Dec 24Saving Santa 6