I haven’t posted any update statuses in awhile since I wasn’t sure when I’d get back to publishing. I wanted everyone to know, though, that I haven’t abandoned my girls. They are always in my mind.

It’s been quite a few years, both good and bad. I got divorced, had a debilitating illness (I’m better now), met someone online, spent six months with her in Seattle, went back to Canada to start the immigration process, came back to Seattle and got married a couple months ago.Β My computer was destroyed during the move so I had to go through a headache of insurance stubbornness. I’ve rebuilt my computer, luckily the hard drives were not damaged even though I did have all my important files backed up, and I am ready to get back to work. Currently I’m working on a picture book and once that’s complete I’ll be focusing on some Alice. I mentioned before that it won’t be a daily comic strip, but more like a series of books that will be released online page by page as well as a an actual book you can purchase. It seems the best solution due to my schedule.

So I will keep you posted. Alice, Dot, and Joanne will be back. I promise.